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Superannuation (Super and SMSF)


Your superannuation fund is likely to be your greatest asset (aside from the family home) as you approach retirement, yet many people pay little attention to the money held in their fund or how it is invested.  Although you may not be able to access your super savings until you reach what is known as a preservation age, it’s still your money so it’s important to make sure it’s working hard for you over potentially many years.

The Federal Government provides a number of incentives to encourage Australian’s to save for their retirement using the superannuation environment, so we will investigate whether you may be able to take advantage of these incentives to boost your super savings. We can also review your existing superannuation arrangements to see whether they could be more appropriately structured to match your life stage, or your particular circumstances, and what we call your retirement timeframe horizon.

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For those with a degree of financial acumen, you may wish to consider a self-managed superannuation fund (or SMSF). SMSF’s generally offer greater flexibility and control over investment choice and can be appealing to small business owners as they offer the ability (subject to certain conditions) to purchase a business premises using some of the monies invested within the SMSF.

We often find that many new clients are unaware of the various opportunities that exist when it comes to superannuation and it’s our pleasure to explain these in a straightforward jargon free way.

To find out more about our services and how we may be able to help you, please feel reach out and contact us.

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