Our Story: Crafting Financial Legacies FOR AUSTRALIANS
with Precision and Passion



At Prestige Wealth Partners, we are more than a financial planning firm; we are artisans of prosperity, committed to sculpting secure futures for our clients.

Established in Perth, Western Australia, our reach extends across the nation, where we serve a diverse clientele with unparalleled dedication.

Our foundation is built on the principles of bespoke financial strategy, rigorous advocacy for financial literacy, and a relentless fight against financial vulnerability.

The team at Prestige Wealth Partners ensure your financial dreams are nurtured, cultivated, and transformed into tangible reality.

Wealth Management: Crafting bespoke investment strategies that align with your unique financial goals.

Financial Planning: Offering comprehensive planning solutions that cover every aspect of your financial life, from retirement planning to estate management.

Financial Vulnerability and Abuse Advocacy: Pioneering efforts to educate and protect against financial abuse, ensuring our clients and the wider community are empowered to recognise and combat vulnerability.

Education and Training*: Conducting workshops and programs designed to enhance financial literacy and implement vulnerability compliance processes across organisations.

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*This activity is not regulated financial advice,
it is part of our education program

“Coming into my inheritance was simultaneously an amazingly exciting experience, and an extremely frightening prospect. Pamela and the team at Prestige Wealth Partners have helped me in too many ways to list. My sister recommended Pamela to me when I first expressed worries to her about how to manage a large amount of money, and right off the bat Pamela has been a huge help, and I can say with confidence she would be welcome in my home.

My advice to someone looking for help in financial matters would be to make sure that you gel with your advisor, find someone who is able to talk to you as a friend, not just an advisor. For me, Pamela is that person.”

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Choosing Prestige Wealth Partners means entering into a relationship where your financial well-being is our utmost priority. We are committed to transparency, ethics, and excellence in everything we do.

Our bespoke approach ensures that every strategy is tailored to your unique circumstances, aspirations, and values. We don’t just manage your wealth; we consider every facet of your financial life to ensure a legacy of prosperity.

We invite you to explore our expertise and the breadth of our services. Meet our team, understand our approach, and discover how we can collaborate to elevate your financial future. Welcome to Prestige Wealth Partners, where every client’s journey is a testament to our dedication to financial excellence and empowerment.



Our team is the cornerstone of our success. Led by visionary principals Simon Youlton, Karolina Korf-Youlton, and Pamela Nichols, we bring a diverse spectrum of expertise to our practice. Each member of our team embodies the highest standards of knowledge, integrity, and compassion. With decades of collective experience in wealth management, financial planning, and vulnerability advocacy, our professionals are not just advisors; they are your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.


Triple Accredited Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Chartered Manager & Fellow of the CMI (FCMI)

Cambridge University Pre-Seed to Exit Funding Programme

Oxford University Executive Leadership Programme

Harvard Business School Sustainable Business Strategy

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning (AdvDip.FS)

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified


With a career spanning over two decades in the financial services industry ranging from the UK to Australia, Simon Youlton is a visionary leader with a deep-seated commitment to financial education and empowerment. As the CEO at Prestige Wealth Partners, Simon’s journey through mergers and acquisitions in the UK through the financial sector to a pivotal figure in Australian wealth management and employee financial education showcases his dedication to making financial well-being accessible to all.

A Diverse Portfolio of Leadership and Influence
Over the last ten years, Simon has not only built a diverse portfolio of business interests but has also ascended to numerous C-suite roles and held advisory positions on multiple boards. His keen insight and strategic foresight have been instrumental in steering companies towards growth and stability. Simon’s mentorship has touched the lives of countless founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders, guiding them through the complexities of business development and personal growth.

Identifying the Core of Financial Challenges
Simon’s extensive experience has revealed a recurring theme: the vulnerability of employees when it comes to financial security. Recognising that the root of many organisational challenges lies in the personal financial struggles of employees, he has championed the cause of financial literacy and empowerment within the workplace. Simon’s approach is grounded in the belief that education and awareness are the keys to unlocking financial potential and safeguarding against vulnerability.

Addressing the Taboo of Financial Security
Acknowledging that discussions around money and financial planning are often avoided, Simon has dedicated himself to breaking down these barriers. He understands that the lack of financial education leads to missed opportunities for wealth enhancement and preservation. Through Prestige Wealth Partners, Simon is at the forefront of providing the necessary tools and knowledge for individuals and organisations to navigate financial decisions with confidence.

The Vision for a Financially Empowered Future
Simon’s work extends beyond traditional wealth management, touching on critical aspects such as superannuation awareness, budgeting, risk management, and creating a culture of financial well-being within Australian organisations. He advocates for a holistic approach where employers play a pivotal role in addressing and supporting their teams’ financial vulnerabilities and has become an active participant in the industry, providing training, education and workshops for organisations, individuals and leaders on this critical topic.

A Catalyst for Change
Along with his partners, Pamela Nichols and Karolina Korf-Youlton, Simon’s mission is clear: to fill the significant gap in financial education and support, starting from the top down. His vision for Prestige Wealth Partners is not just about managing wealth but empowering individuals and organisations to recognise and address financial vulnerabilities head-on. Through his leadership, Simon is not just shaping financial futures; he is fostering a culture of informed decision-making and resilience that benefits both individuals and the broader corporate landscape.


Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified

Oxford University Executive Leadership Programme

Masters (MSc) in Politics & International Relations

Certificate for Financial Advisers (CeFA)

Degree BA (Hons) in Politics & International Relations


From her bold departure from Poland at the tender age of 17 to her groundbreaking role as the COO of Prestige Wealth Partners, Karolina Korf-Youlton’s journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As a trailblazer who has navigated the complexities of the financial and construction sectors across different continents, Karolina embodies the spirit of leadership and the passion for making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

A Foundation Built on Courage and Determination
Karolina’s odyssey began with a leap of faith, leaving her native Poland for the UK without the comfort of family or familiarity. Her resilience shone through as she mastered English, excelled in her studies, and earned a Degree followed by a Masters in Politics and International Relations. Her ambition led her to the construction industry, where she broke barriers as the only female, with no construction background, accepted onto a graduate program at the UK’s largest privately owned construction company. Here, Karolina spearheaded the launch of a new business unit, setting the stage for her future successes.

Transitioning to Financial Services with a Vision
After starting a family in 2010, Karolina transitioned to the financial services sector, bringing her unique perspective and leadership skills to senior roles, including pioneering positions as the only female board member in several organisations. Her tenure in financial services has been marked by building exceptional teams and businesses in the UK and Australia, reflecting her dedication to operational excellence and client engagement.

Championing Financial Empowerment and Vulnerability Advocacy
Karolina’s relocation to Australia in 2015 marked a new chapter in her career as she became the country’s first financial abuse specialist. Her advocacy for tackling vulnerability has since become a cornerstone of her work, leading Prestige Wealth Partners towards ISO 22458 accreditation: The Vulnerability Standard of Excellence. Karolina’s nearly two-decade-long career has been fueled by a passion for challenging norms, empowering vulnerable individuals, and setting new benchmarks in financial services.

A Legacy of Empowerment and Balance
Outside of her professional achievements, Karolina is a devoted mother, passionately demonstrating to her daughter the possibility of achieving a fulfilling career while nurturing family aspirations. Her personal pursuits, from daily workouts and seaside walks to caravanning adventures in the outback, reflect her belief in the importance of balance, well-being, and creating lasting memories.

A Role Model for the Next Generation
Karolina’s legacy is not only in the businesses she has transformed or the standards she has set but also in the example she provides for her daughter and women everywhere. She stands as a beacon of what is possible when professional passion and personal dedication converge, inspiring others to pursue excellence in every aspect of their lives.

As COO and Director of Vision at Prestige Wealth Partners, Karolina continues to drive change, embodying the firm’s commitment to operational excellence, client care, and the advocacy for financial vulnerability awareness. Her journey from a young immigrant to a leading figure in Australian financial services is a powerful narrative of ambition, resilience, and the unwavering belief in making a difference.

Director of Financial
Planning & Wealth Creator

Advanced Diploma of Financial
Planning (AdvDip.FS)

Diploma Financial
Planning (Dip FP)

SMSF Specialist Adviser (SSA)

Member of The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

Justice of the Peace (JP)

Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified


Pamela Nichols’s journey through the dynamic world of finance marries a profound passion for wealth creation with a steadfast dedication to advocating against financial and economic abuse. As a Director and Financial Advisor at Prestige Wealth Partners, her career trajectory from a personal banker to a leader in financial planning embodies a life dedicated to fostering financial equality and wealth creation. Pamela’s deep-rooted commitment to her clients and her pioneering role in addressing financial vulnerability showcase her as a cornerstone of Prestige Wealth Partners.

From Industry Experience to Financial Expertise
Pamela’s professional odyssey commenced in the robust mining sector with Rio Tinto, laying a strong foundation of discipline and leadership. Transitioning to the financial services sector, she honed her intrinsic interest in wealth management, achieving significant milestones as a Financial Advisor and Wealth Creator. Her trajectory is highlighted by her role in founding Prestige Wealth Partners, where she channels her expertise and passion into advocating wealth preservation and financial equality.

Champion of Financial Empowerment
Beyond her impressive career achievements, Pamela has dedicated herself to combating financial and economic abuse, a commitment reflected in her designation as a Financial Abuse Specialist™. Her voluntary service as a Justice of the Peace in her local community underscores her resolve to support individuals navigating life’s financial challenges. Pamela’s approach to financial planning transcends traditional advisories, aiming to instill confidence and resilience in her clients, empowering them to achieve the wealth they deserve.

A Personal Ethos of Balance and Support
Family and community play pivotal roles in Pamela’s life, fueling her aspiration to be a strong leader and supportive presence for her daughter and those around her. Her engagement in netball, boating, and gardening illustrates her belief in a well-rounded life, where professional success is harmonised with personal fulfillment and well-being.

Specialisation and Advocacy
Pamela’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of financial products, with a particular focus on aged abuse through age care advice. Her efforts to educate and empower older Australians highlight a deep concern for the vulnerability faced by this demographic. Pamela’s advocacy extends to ensuring that seniors and their families are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the age care system, advocating for greater protections and dignity in their financial dealings.

A Vision for a Future Free from Financial Vulnerability
Nearing the completion of her Masters of Financial Planning and membership in the Association of Financial Advisers, Pamela’s professional credentials underscore her commitment to ethical practice and excellence. Her vision is clear: a world where individuals are not only free from financial abuse but are also empowered to build and sustain wealth through informed, strategic decisions.

At Prestige Wealth Partners, Pamela Nichols continues to be a guiding light, leading efforts to protect and empower clients against financial vulnerabilities, with a special emphasis on transforming the landscape of age care advice in Australia.

“In times of hardship and Covid when my job was at risk, I found that I needed support more than ever from Pamela and the team. Careful budget planning and seeking various options on assistance available to me was something I could not do myself. I felt financially vulnerable and at risk for the first time in my life and this did not make me feel comfortable at all. Pamela guided me through that challenging time, even helped me to decide which TV subscription to put on hold for a while and how to make smarter decisions whilst shopping, she even introduced me to Hello Fresh which has literally revolutionised my dinner preparation routine and saved not only money but also time which has been so valuable to me. Now that I am past this rocky patch in my life, I feel that I didn’t make any hasty decisions and my financial wellbeing is in a stronger position that ever before.”

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Our commitment to Australia’s prosperity extends beyond wealth creation and preservation. We stand at the forefront of a crucial battle against financial vulnerability and abuse, a challenge all too common among many but especially the affluent and successful. Our pioneering efforts in financial literacy and awareness transcend conventional advisory roles, making us leaders in educating Australians and empowering organisations to weave financial vulnerability compliance and understanding into the very fabric of their culture.

Our workshops, consulting, and training programs* are our contribution to a more informed, resilient, and secure Australian society. By merging strategic financial planning with proactive education, we ensure your journey towards financial success is not just profitable but also protected and enlightened.

*This activity is not regulated financial advice,
it is part of our education program