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Our Visionary Leaders

Extraordinary Teams are made of Extraordinary People.

Each and everyone of us are fundamental members of The Prestige Team – “our family and your partners”. Together, we bring our collective wealth of experience as well as a burning passion for living the life that you want, as opposed to the one that sometimes feels as if it’s chosen you.


Director & Wealth Creator

PAMELA’S STORY – Professional 
Pamela’s career in the financial services sector began as personal banker at one of Australia’s major banks, after initially spending over a decade working for Rio Tinto. The natural and genuine interest in the Financial Services sector over time lead Pamela to further invest in her own personal development and back longing aspirations. Becoming a Financial Advisor, a Wealth Creator and the Founder-Director of Prestige Wealth Partners. Pamela has proved that one can channel their own passions to advocate wealth preservation and financial equality. Looking after our wonderful clients over a long-term perspective, is something Pamela does best, and our testimonials continually confirm this.

Pam is a Sub-Authorised Representative of Prestige Holdings Pty Ltd T/A Prestige Wealth Partners is a Corporate Representative (No. 1295707) of Capstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd. ABN 24 093 33 969. Australian Financial Services Licence No. 223135

Pamela is a strong advocate of ending Financial and Economic abuse and is entirely dedicated to helping clients overcome fears, struggles and furthermore, gain that confidence in financial resilience and achieving deserving wealth. At present, Pamela has achieved a Financial Abuse Specialist™ designation and continues to assist people throughout our local community, as she performs her voluntary role as a Justice of the Peace.


Director of Purpose

KAROLINA’S STORY – Professional
Karolina’s story is somewhat unusual when it comes to describing how she ended up achieving so much in a sector that is often overcrowded with options, but if you ask Karolina how she did this, without hesitation you will be told that her success is based on building great teams and engaging clients with very similar values. It is this ethos that has set Karolina and all the businesses she has led apart from others, and our partners endorse this approach as refreshing. Joining Financial Services in 2010 after completing her master’s at Royal Holloway and then her Post Graduate qualifications at Oxford, Karolina quickly developed her passion for achieving change and demonstrated this by transforming numerous companies, by turning them into leading providers of financial advice. Always looking ahead and aiming for nothing short of excellence, Karolina was relentless in exploring gaps across the sector that only the right team could fill, and ultimately this would lead to the reinvention of how wealth creation and all the surrounding steps are achieved – thus the rebirth of Prestige Wealth Partners occurred.

Family and friends are a significant part of my life and there is no time spent better than with them. Aspiring to be a strong leader for my daughter is what drives me each day and being available to provide support as she grows and becomes the most amazing person she can be, is the greatest reward I could ever have hoped for. Life is all about home and sharing those special moments with people you love and care for. If I can be that supportive friend as often as I’m needed, then I have achieved one of my ultimate goals.

Coaching netball, and playing when my fitness levels permit, keeps me happy and focused on balancing the busy work life with healthy wellbeing. Work hard, play hard, is the ethos I try to take each time when I’m on court and to relax there is nothing better than a day out on our family boat, or my husband’s boat it is often better said when it comes to the repairs and maintenance. Our glittering blue waters and the fresh air it provides, presents the clarity needed to focus on what’s important in life and that’s a constant reminder for me of why I love to do what I do so much. 

No week is complete without some shopping, and I’m often found hunting for those bargains over the weekend, but only after taking time out to enjoy the garden and getting my hands dirty making sure our house is a home and all that enter feel welcome.

Prestige Wealth Partners - Karolinas family

At home, all my efforts concentrate on being a super mum and a homemaker, which I absolutely love to do. I want to demonstrate to my daughter that you can achieve everything that you desire, you can be passionate about your professional career but still make the time to remain devoted to the needs and aspirations of your children. The home for me is the come together point where we always crave to spend time and cook up that storm each night for dinner. I truly believe that one can achieve all of this, with a balance, and if successful then my legacy will be that my daughter always looks up to me as that key role model in her life – which is my aim.

​Having a bit of me time is essential and exercise is my favourite. I am most energised to start the day when I have completed my 28 minute workout early on before the busy day begins, while the rest of the family sleep, and squeezing in a walk beside the ocean at the end, just finishes it off well.

Enjoyment of life for me means finding the time to visit the bookstore to pick up a new read, then preparing to pull away with our beast of a caravan attached, to start an adventure that never fails to create memories to last a lifetime. Best days for me are spent in the outback watching the golden hour unfold and I love getting to know our beautiful land, the more remote the better.